Millennial Insurance Checklist: Ai Ling Lee of Los Angeles makes sure you’re covered

Ai Ling Lee Los Angeles

October 8, 2021

Millennial Insurance Checklist: Ai Ling Lee of Los Angeles makes sure you’re covered

Insurance isn’t just for “boomers.”

Whether you’re still in your mid-twenties or pushing 40 years old, millennials need coverage too. In fact, more than one type of insurance isn’t likely enough. Not only will these policies protect your lifestyle in the present, but they will also prepare you for the future.

To help, Ai Ling Lee of Los Angeles breaks down some basic coverage options. While each plan is unique, the independent insurance agent recommends these four policies that every millennial should consider.

Home, Condo, and Renters Insurance

Ai Ling Lee aka Linda Lee doesn’t even need 140 characters to explain it. Your living space needs to be insured. It’s that simple.

But it does get a little more complex depending on whether you own or rent. As the name implies, homeowners insurance applies to property that you own. Because these are typically larger spaces, different limits may apply. Additionally, homeowner protection extends to the exterior of the building itself. Renters or condo insurance will only include personal property inside.

Before you purchase a policy, conduct a home inventory. List any valuables and personal items in your possession. Insurance agents will use this information to determine how much coverage is needed.

Personal Property Riders

Whether you’re blessed, ballin’, broke, or any hashtag in between, you probably have some personal possessions that need protection.

Some high-value items are excluded from the above policies. A personal property floater or rider can provide this additional coverage. Many millennials fail to account for most of their expensive goods. Electronics and jewelry are often overlooked. Due to their high cost, laptops, gaming systems, and any recording equipment should also be accounted for.

Car insurance

That new whip looks good in your driveway or on Instagram. But, if you want to actually drive it, you’ll need car insurance.

This isn’t just important for your safety. It’s more than likely required. Car and motorcycle insurance is mandatory in almost every state. If you owe a loan on a vehicle, the lender may also make you keep active coverage.

Ai Ling Lee aka Linda Lee of Los Angeles encourages millennials to shop pricing with at least three different companies. Comparing quotes is the best way to find the ideal policy at a reasonable price.

Life insurance

Life insurance isn’t just for you. It’s for your family. So, throw them a “like” by making sure they are protected too.

In the unfortunate event that you pass away, these policies aid your family financially. The misconception is that only elderly adults need life insurance. As Linda Lee Los Angeles points out, anyone with a young family or children needs this coverage. Millennials are actually at the perfect age to buy. Premiums only get more expensive as you age.